Everything you need to know about The Reality XIX, 21 t/m 23 September 2018!

From the 21st of September it is time: the Expo Assen will fill with 1300 LAN-participants for a weekend of fun, gaming, meeting other gamers and competing in all kinds of games and activities! There are still tickets available to join us for the weekend or to come visit for a day. The VIP-tickets, including all kinds of extra's, are already sold out this year but all other tickets and merchandise can be found in our online store!

What can you expect as a LAN participant?

As a LAN-participant (or BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer) you are welcome from friday afternoon untill sunday afternoon in the Expo Assen for a weekend of fun, gaming and competing in games and activities. As a participant you can choose a seat on the BYOC Floorplan and we will make sure that there is a table, chair, power outlet and network socket available for you!

For food and drinks at the LAN there are several food & drink stalls and a bar to get everything you need! You can sleep in the sleeping-area where there is enough room to place your air mattress, camp bed or sleeping mat, or make use of the Rent-a-Bed option and we will make sure there is a bed available for you to sleep on and relax a little after a full day of gaming and socializing!

Theme and Activities

During The Reality there is a ton of things to do during the entire weekend! This year's theme is Prison Break, and we will make sure there are all kinds of activities to join in on, such as a Hexathlon in style with the theme, a relax-area with retro-consoles, a poker-competition and much much more!


There are plenty of gaming competitions to compete in during The Reality! The competitons are divided into three categories: fun, official and main competitions. Official competitions have awesome hardware prizes for the winners, such as power-supplies, cases, gaming peripherals and accessories. The main competitions offer prizes with a total prize pool of more than 5000 Euro cash! The fun competitions may have prizes, but are mainly set up to have fun!

This year competitions will be organized for the following games: CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, FIFA 18, Clash Royale (mobile) and Blobby Volley (a real classic!).

Check out all competitions and prizes here!

Want to rent a camp bed or comfortable Speedseats gaming chair? You can!

Our partner Speedseats makes it possible to rent a super comfortable gaming-chair during the entire weekend instead of the standard chair we provide for our LAN-participants! And do you like the chair so much that you want to take it home? No problem, just contact the Speedseats representative at the LAN to buy the chair and take it home at a discount! All information regarding the Speedseats rental can be found on the event-page of The Reality on the Speedseats website, here!

Additionaliy, this year for the first time we arranged camp-beds in the sleeping area of the LAN! We take care of finding you a spot, setting up a place to rest and clearing it up at the end of the event! You can rent a camp bed by selecting a spot on the RENT-A-BED floorplan which will reserve the seat and put it in your shopping cart!


This year we invested in a new internet connection at the event! With a speed of 10 Gigabit our event is connected to the internet through a fiber connection, making our internet connection the fastest of all gaming events in the Benelux! So if you're at the event for gaming, downloading of just chillout out and watching a movie on Netflix, you are all set at The Reality!


Directly next to the event location there are plenty of parking spots available, so it's no problem to come to the event with your car! No transport? Create a topic on our website's forum and ask around on our Discord channel, there might just be someone in your area with a free spot in their car!

Need more info or got a question?

We have tried to answer a lot of questions in our FAQ. Still have a question? You can easily ask it using our support page!