Partners is the Benelux Gaming specialist. Our range includes: ready-made GamePCs, Game Configurators and the best range of Game accessories. In addition to our standard range, we provide everything in the field of gaming (except games). If you have certain wishes (Custom Water Cooling for example) that are not displayed on the website, please contact one of our employees.

Speedseats is the premium brand in Europe for high quality ergonomic and superior gaming- and esports chairs. Get yours now ✔ fast delivery ✔ safe payment

For more than fifteen years, Sharkoon has been creating exceptional PC related products. Currently, the product line includes more than 250 items in thirteen categories – available in over forty countries worldwide. From elaborately designed cases to powerful gaming peripherals to reliable external and internal storage solutions. Sharkoon products target enthusiastic gamers and PC users, who not only place a value on best performance, user-friendly operation and “Designed in Germany”, but also on a respectable price-performance ratio. This has won over customers and trade press alike; numerous editorial awards validate the high quality of the products.

The ministry of defense is a trusted party at our event. When they are here they always bring some fun stuff to do and this year is no different. They will be hosting a hackathon, they are helping with the R6 tournament and much more! 

be quiet! is a premium brand of power suppliesPC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. The products of be quiet! offer legendary quiet operation and first-class performance thanks the passion for quality and precision. Attention to detail is the key to perfection. Which is why our very own experts lead product conception, design and quality control from our headquarters in Germany.

In a world filled with noisy computers, "silent cooling solutions” were sought everywhere and contributed to Zalman's rapid growth into the world's leader of high performance, and ultra quiet PC cooling solutions. Zalman continues to lead in the industry through decisive R&D investments, peerless craftsmanship, intensive global marketing, and excellent customer support.

Red Bull is a drinks manufacturer most known for their energy drinks. They have energy drinks in all kinds of flavours, from the regular to cactus. They also have suger free and zero. 

Outside of that, red bull also has organic drinks called The Organics, by Red Bull. 

DeepCool, maker of great cases and coolers.

Goodram, maker of good ram and other storage products.

Fractal Design, known for many their awsome cases.

Xilence is a manufacturer of cases, powersupplies and cooling products.