We're all about the things that make building a PC such a rewarding experience. The sense of achievement. The joy of making and creating something uniquely yours in form and function. The freedom that comes from complete control. And of course, the thrill of bringing your creation to life without melting your components. is the Benelux Gaming specialist. Our range includes: ready-made GamePCs, Game Configurators and the best range of Game accessories. In addition to our standard range, we provide everything in the field of gaming (except games). If you have certain wishes (Custom Water Cooling for example) that are not displayed on the website, please contact one of our employees.

Spam Energy Drink is an energy drink with a unique taste formula. The ingredients have been selected with care to optimize flavour and of course to ensure maximum effect as energy drink! Spam keeps you fit and alert! Spam is also affordable. The active substances in Spam Energy Drink are Taurine, Caffeine, Glucoronolactone, Vitamins B6 and B12. Spam Energydrink is available in two editions. Our Special Edition and our Stevia Edition!

Speedseats is the premium brand in Europe for high quality ergonomic and superior gaming- and esports chairs. Get yours now ✔ fast delivery ✔ safe payment

Ubisoft is a leading video game company, the creators of original and immersive worlds like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, The Crew or Watch Dogs.

Nintendo Entertainment System Introduced in 1985, the NES was an instant hit. Over the course of the next two years, it almost single-handedly revitalized the video game industry. Selling over 60 million units, people brought games like Mario and Zelda into their homes for the first time on the NES.

Seasonic Electronics Co., Ltd was founded more than 40 years ago by engineers. Since its early beginnings the company has rigorously maintained its focus on the research, development and production of technologically advanced, high quality products. In 1981 Seasonic expanded into the production of PC power supplies to become one of the first manufacturers in this market. Soon after, the manufacturing of high quality and performance PC power supplies became the core identity of Seasonic.

Designed in Austria, Noctua's premium cooling components are renowned for their superb quietness, exceptional performance and thoroughgoing quality.

iiyama is one of the world's leading manufacturers of computer monitors. Efficiency, performance, reliability and user comfort are all key to the development of iiyama products.

Bitropolis is the ultimate store & webshop for video game, pop culture and cosplay merchandise! Clothing, Games, Funkos and other figurines, you will find it all at Bitropolis! You can always visit our physical store, located in a yard cellar in the heart of Utrecht where we also give various workshops.

Razer™ is the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. The triple-headed snake trademark of Razer is one of the most recognized logos in the global gaming and esports communities. With a fan base that spans every continent, the company has designed and built the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services. 

The Vision 2020 is at the core of our commitment to create a better world full of richer digital experiences, through innovative technology and products. The goal of the vision is to become a beloved brand, an innovative company, and an admired company. For this, we dedicate our efforts to creativity and innovation, shared value with our partners, and our great people. We have delivered world best products and services through passion for innovation and optimal operation. We look forward to exploring new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics, and continue our journey through history of innovation. Samsung Electronics will welcome new challenges and opportunities with joy.

GetMerch is a young and dynamic company that is ready to make merchandise for you! Together with our team, we can unburden the entire merchandise process, from just production to the complete processing of orders to customers. From Jerseys to refrigerators: everything is possible. We help you with all steps, from design to delivery! Contact us for more information about our services.

Juniper Networks simplifies the complexities of networking with products, solutions and services in the cloud era to transform the way we connect, work and live. We remove the traditional constraints of networking to enable our customers and partners to deliver automated, scalable and secure networks that connect the world. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks ( or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

For more than fifteen years, Sharkoon has been creating exceptional PC related products. Currently, the product line includes more than 250 items in thirteen categories – available in over forty countries worldwide. From elaborately designed cases to powerful gaming peripherals to reliable external and internal storage solutions. Sharkoon products target enthusiastic gamers and PC users, who not only place a value on best performance, user-friendly operation and “Designed in Germany”, but also on a respectable price-performance ratio. This has won over customers and trade press alike; numerous editorial awards validate the high quality of the products.

Do you like gaming, but don't you find it all exciting enough? Have you always wanted to be part of a game on your console or PC? Then the Virtual Reality Experience is for you. We take you to the wonderful world of games that you love so much and offer you an unforgettable experience!

HackZone is a group of volunteers who have ‘zeros and ones’ flowing through their veins. Do you want to learn about technology such as robots, arduinos, wifi-chips or 3D-printers? HackZone is your place to be! You can visit HackZone at multiple events, of which, naturally, The Reality!

The Ministry of Defense has started a pilot in which existing popular top 10 online games are used to find new colleagues.

Together with our partner Iamprogrez (HR tech, innovative assessments), a tool has been developed that makes it possible to measure the competences and soft skills acquired during online games and to convert them to the competences that we are looking for for specific positions at the Armed Forces. After TheMainEvent and the Air Force Days we are at The Reality and we challenge the gamers and visitors to play with or against a military team, including League of Legends. Besides a great experience, there might be more to it for you ...... Choose your Battle!

NWTV is the only Dutch website that brings together a special combination of topics for a specific audience: fans of modern entertainment. Thanks to good contacts both in the Netherlands and abroad, NWTV brings reliable news in a constant pace. In addition, their editors search the web daily for even more news in order to inform their audience, consisting of hundreds of thousands of Dutch people per month, in the best possible way.

be quiet! is a premium brand of power suppliesPC cases and cooling solutions for desktop PCs. The products of be quiet! offer legendary quiet operation and first-class performance thanks the passion for quality and precision. Attention to detail is the key to perfection. Which is why our very own experts lead product conception, design and quality control from our headquarters in Germany.

Mech Punk is a VR Robot game. The players wear a VR headset with which they are placed in a virtual cockpit of the robot. The robots are equipped with an infrared LED system so that they interact with each other and the map elements. With this infrared system you grab points and power up.

Welcome to BenQ Corporation – a world-leading human technology and solutions provider driven by the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life” to elevate and enrich the aspects of life that matter most to people today – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education. Set apart by the unique philosophy of “Because it matters”, BenQ is committed to empower people today to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning through people-driven, innovation-fueled products, services and solutions. 

BenQ - Because it matters.


Plek is a communication platform for your work. You can use it as a social intranet, community platform or digital workplace for teams. Plek is safe and works intuitively and quickly!

Carrier for Carrier is an international transport company based in Milsbeek and Nijmegen in the Netherlands. The company specializes in transporting packages ranging from 1 gram to 25,000 kilos. Carrier for Carrier started in 2001 and has grown over the years into a reliable logistic service provider.

We are a full-service, creative event production agency with more than 10 years experience in producing game events throughout Europe. As a prefferred partner of various brands in the game industry we always try to push boundaries in the development of game events.

Carried out by motivated employees, each with his or her own expertise. A team without a "9 to 5" attitude but start on time and only go home when the work is done. Always motivated to make your event a success. Only that gives our team the ultimate satisfaction.