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The below Terms and Conditions are translated from Dutch to English by a volunteer.
The Dutch version shall prevail in case of disputes that are caused by errors in translations.

Stichting The Reality 
Located at Noorderdwarsvaart 66, 9201 KL Drachten 
Registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 01123482
Version: 1.99 
Date: September 24, 2018
Article 1. Definitions 
Article 2. Applicability 
Article 3. Registration and payment 
Article 4. Cancellation 
Article 5. Access 
Article 6. Preventive measures 
Article 7. Conduct 
Article 8. Prices 
Article 9. Safeguard 
Article 10. Liability 
Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights 
Article 12. Privacy and transfer of personal data 
Article 13. Applicable law 
Article 14. Disputes

1. Definitions

  1. Participant: the natural person who has registered for participation of the event or physically attending the event.
  2. Event: The events organized by Stichting The Reality.
  3. Admission: the amount which the participant owes The Reality for participating in or attending the event.
  4. Organizer: the organizer of the event, namely: The Reality Foundation, located at Ankerstraat 40, 9934 KC Delfzijl.
  5. Writing: "writing" in these terms includes communication by e-mail, fax or electronically (eg via an online interface) if enough evidence of the identity of the sender and integrity of the content is provided.
  6. Admission Ticket: (digital) ticket or wristband which entitles them to access to the event.

Article 2. Applicability

  1. These general registration conditions apply to the registration for the event. Furthermore, these general conditions apply to any natural person who is physically present at the event, with intention to participate or visit.
  2. Deviations from these conditions are binding only if confirmed in writing by the organizer.
  3. Any terms and conditions of the other party are not in agreement with the organizers terms and conditions.
  4. If a third party is arranges entry on behalf of other participants, the third party is required to inform the participants on the applicability of these conditions and to provide a copy of these conditions to said participants.

 Article 3. Registration and payment

  1. Registration for participation in the event will take place through a completed online application form which is sent via the internet or e-mail and received by organizer. Organizer confirms the registration as soon as possible via e-mail. In addition, it is possible for day visitors to purchase tickets via the website of the organizer.
  2. Permission and signature of a parent or guardian is required for participants younger than 18 years.
  3. It is the organizer allowed to move or rearrange chosen seats without the participants permission.
  4. Payment is made by one of the following means:
    1. In advance through the organizers online payment system. The organizer will provide payment services through a so-called Payment Service Provider. Once the participant has completed all the steps in the online payment process, the contract for participation in the event is created.
    2. By bank transfer. Once the full amount is credited to the bank account of organizer, the agreement to participate in the event is created.
  5. All prices and rates stated by the organizer include VAT unless stated otherwise.

 Article 4. Cancellation

  1. Based on the particular article 6: 230p sub e BW, cancellation of time-related products is not possible. The participant needs to take care of a travel and cancellation insurance and - if he/she so wishes -  take out additional insurance for his/her equipment. The Reality offers a cancellation service for some products

Article 5. Access

  1. The participant is obliged keep his/her ticket to him/herself, re-sale of the ticket for commercial or other purposes is prohibited.
  2. Re-sale of tickets is allowed. The participant can assign his ticket to the buyer himself .
  3. When reselling a ticket it is strongly prohibited to ask a higher prize for the ticket than he paid the organizer, a lower prize is however allowed to promote quicker sale of the ticket at the expense of the original owner of the ticket.
  4. The participant must be able to identify themselves upon access. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to the event if the participant can not identify himself.
  5. The ticket entitles the holder to access and attend the event. Only the holder of the ticket who shows the ticket first will be granted access at the start of the event. Organizer may assume that the holder of the ticket is also the rightful owner. Organizer is not bound to conduct any further checks to determine the rightful ownership of the tickets.
  6. After presentation of the ticket at the entrance, the participant obtains access to the event. If the visitor\'s leaves the location or the area in which the event takes place, access is not granted again, unless otherwise stated.
  7. The organizer and its crewmembers are entitled to ask a visitor for his ticket. If it is found that a visitor is illegally attending  the location of the event the visitor will be denied (further) access to the site unless the visitor will still buy a ticket for the "pay at the door" rate. This rate will be increased by a fine of 25 euros.

Article 6. Preventive measures

  1. The organizer appointees may, in terms of prevention, ask participants to participate in a private superficial security search or examination.
  2. Participants are free to refuse to cooperate with the private superficial security search or examination, however, the participants will be denied entry to event and the participant loses any right to a refund of the paid entry fee.
  3. The organizer of the party may demand the custody of one or more objects if the organizer believes these objects may be used to violate the terms and conditions stated in this document, or if they are already used to violate the terms and conditions stated in this document.
  4. If an article is deposited, the participant will receive a receipt. With this receipt, the participant and owner of the object(s) may pick up their object(s) again at the end of the event at the service desk.
  5. If the participant refuses to give an object in custody, that person shall be denied access to the event and the participant loses any rights to a refund of the paid entry fee.

Article 7. Conduct

During the event, the following rules apply:
  1. If the participant is issued a wristband or other proof of payment at the entrance of the event, the participant should wear this evidence clearly visible to the organizer.
  2. The rent of a table applies to one person and one computer. With each ticket you will receive a seat at a table and a chair, electricity and Internet access, as well as the right of access to the event during the opening hours of the event. These times are listed on the organizer\'s website.
  3. If the event is cancelled and the event will be postponed to a later date, there will be no refund of the rent fee. The table rent shall take effect for the event on the new date.
  4. Any interruptions or malfunctions in the network or electricity, the cancellation of lectures, workshops, competitions or other (planned) events do not give the participant any right to (full or partial) refund of amounts paid.
  5. The participant is obliged to adhere to the regulations and /or instructions of organizers, operators of the location where the event is held, the security personnel, firefighters, police and other authorized persons.
  6. The participant will clean his or her assigned table and floor. The organizer is responsible for the presence of the appropriate bins. If the participant makes a mess, the organizer reserves the right to clean the location himself or have it cleaned by a third party and to charge the participant a € 40 per hour  fee for the cleaning.
  7. The participant will not change or damage the belongings of another participant, the organizer or the operator of the location where the event is held.
  8. Participant are strongly prohibited the following without prior consent of the organizer:
    1. to behave in a way that others can perceive as provocative, threatening, abusive or discriminatory, or as a nuisance or in any way that disrupts the peace and order. This will include the chanting of slogans that could be perceived as discriminatory by others.
    2. glassware, laser (pens) or large quantities of own brought  food and /or drink, or have food delivered by parties other than the event sponsors.
    3. devices like a sandwich maker, microwave (oven), coffee machine, fridge / freezer, spotlight or other devices that consume large amounts of electricity or cause heat production.
    4. during the event, the use of loudspeakers is prohibited.
    5. placing properties in passageways around the table. Aisles must be kept clear of obstructions to serve as escape routes in case of emergencies.
    6. to connect their own router to the organizers network or using its own wireless (WLAN) access point or to make network access available to third parties.
    7. to make use of home-made electronic equipment. participanst must use good quality extension cords and electrical cables.
    8. Using programs that give him / her an advantage over the other player (cheats/hacks).
    9. smoking inside, except at specially designated areas.
    10. without the express permission of the organizer active promotion for companies that are not a sponsor of the event, including the display of sponsor expressions by means of flags, banners and /or projection and flyers in and around the grounds. This also includes the distribution of leaflets, post, wall and window stickers. Exceptions to this rule are logos of the gaming team and the manager on clothing.
    11. a survey or questionnaire petition to take or distribute among the participants present.
    12. trade involving the site of the event.
    13. software or things whose possession is prohibited by law or infringe rights of third parties.
    14. to allow his / her computer to be used to distribute worms, spyware, trojans (downloaders) or viruses, perform denial of service attacks or carry out large port scans.
    15. without his/her express permission to use the computer of another participant, both through the network or directly. It is not allowed without permission to enter the participants computer from a third party (hacking).
    16. video and /or audio recordings during the event to use for commercial purposes.
    17. to use transportation gear inside the venue.
    18. to touch without the express permission of the organizer  the decoration, network devices, servers, cabling, projectors and /or other equipment and goods that are not his/her property.
    19. sleeping in the LAN room.
    20. park vehicles outside the designated places.
    21. to use the existing power supply for anything other than connecting the necessary computer equipment.
  9. The organizer reserves the right to investigate alleged violations of the terms and conditions. Information on the user (s) can be obtained by the organizer and the material can be studied on the server and the network and transferred as evidence. Participant authorizes the organizer to cooperate with authorities in investigating suspected unlawful acts in investigating infringements of intellectual property and system administrators at other Internet service providers or network and computer facilities to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions. With cooperation, for example, the user name, IP address or other identifying information are transmitted over a participant, in compliance with the legal privacy regulations.
  10. If the organizer finds an offense, organizer will inform  the authorities and the participant will be handed over to the police.
  11. The organizer is free to exclude a participant without giving any reason and remove him/her from the event. Access shall be refused in any event if the organizer suspects that the participant is under the influence of stimulants.
  12. If the participant is removed for violating these terms and conditions and /or Dutch law, the participant will lose any right to a refund of the paid entry fee.

Article 8. Prices

  1. The organizer reserves the right to modify or to reduce prices on the basis of the number of participants.
  2. The winner must be present at the prize ceremony. If this is not the case, organizer will void the prize.
  3. The recipient of a prize is the same person as the person who has registered for the relevant competition or a person designated by the winner, company or agency.
  4. Cash prizes must be claimed in writing within a maximum of thirty days and will be transferred at a maximum of sixty days after the event in euros on to the winners bank account.
  5. The prize money won by a player (or team) may be subject to payment of taxes, including gaming tax. The prize winner is responsible for correct declaration and payment of applicable taxes.

 Article 9. Safeguard

  1. Organizer organizes the event in collaboration with third parties. In addition to employees of the organizer  third parties employees might be instated by the organizer to give the event form and content. They will work in accordance to organizers rules and regulations. Nevertheless organizer has no  liability whatsoever for damages caused by third party employees. Participants void the organizer of any claims regarding this rule.
  2. Furthermore, the participant shall indemnify the organizer relating all third-party damages to persons or property of participants caused by another participant as well as for claims related to the way in which the participant uses the facilities.

 Article 10. Liability

  1. If the organizer is liable for any damage, this liability is limited to the amount covered by the insurance taken out in favour of the event.
  2. The organizer accepts no liability for indirect damage, including but not limited to (injury) damage or data loss due to theft, fire, vandalism, power spikes or unforeseeable situations. Furthermore, the organizer excludes liability for these damages (s) emphatically:
    1. damage caused to the equipment of the participant to connect the relevant equipment on the existing network or power supply.
    2. damage caused by third parties (including other members) to the person or property of the participant.
  3. The participant is fully responsible for his own actions and actions performed from his / her computer.
  4. The participant will cooperate in the event of an investigation, conducted by research to competent authorities, in response to paragraph 3 of this article.
  5. If there is a suspicion of illegally providing data over the network or otherwise, the organizer shall, where appropriate, cooperate with the competent authorities. The needed information will be provided to third parties, this may include personal data and other information about the participant. Organizer assumes no liability for damages that the participant suffers as a consequence.
  6. Organizer strives to run the event according to the announced schedule. Organizer is not liable for any deviations to the schedule.  However, organizer reserves the right to make changes to the program at any time without being liable for any compensation or restitution against the other party.
  7. The use of all available facilities at the own risk of the participant.

 Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights that rest on or associated with the event and in connection therewith by or on behalf organizer or third published material, flyers / brochures, digital data holders, software, etc. are held exclusively by organizer, its licensors, respectively the entitled . All of or on behalf of organizer or third parties in the context of the event obtained information, software and material is intended for personal use of the participant. The participant is not permitted to obtain information, software or material out here in any way to completely or partially reproduce or publicly, except with the prior written permission of the copyright holder. The agreement with the participant seeks in any way to transfer any intellectual property rights regarding the event and offered works by or on behalf organizer or third parties thereunder, nor to any license fee, unless otherwise expressly provided.
  2. The organizer is free to produce video and /or sound recordings, whether or not ordered by third parties to promote the event. Persons who appear in the images waive their image rights in the matter and can not claim any compensation.
  3. The participant grants permission in advance to the organizers for publication during or around the event of captured images and footage and the like, in which the participant is visible.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to use material, which is made by a participant to publish during the event itself in any medium without mentioning the owner or source.

Article 12. Privacy and transfer of personal data

  1. The personal details provided by the participant are recorded by the organizer in a (digital) file. The participant grants permission for use of this information by entering into the agreement. And authorizes the organizer to transfer personal data to third parties, if the organizer deems this  necessary for the proper performance of the contract as well as for sending information (commercial effect) to the participant . Participant may object at any time free of charge, in writing or by e-mail to the sharing of personal information by the organizer, after which the organizer will seize to send said information. Furthermore, the participant may submit a written request to access and amend the personal data stored.
  2. The participant grants authorisation to the organizer to publish names and/or results in newspapers or the internet by entering this agreement.

Article 13. Applicable law

Everything between the organizer and the participant agreement is exclusively governed by Dutch law; whether or not participant resides or is established abroad.

Article 14. Disputes

All disputes of whatever nature - including those by only one of the parties be considered as such - which, following the agreement or agreements are the result of, arising between parties shall be settled by the competent court in the district the location of organizer unless a mandatory provision for doing so.