The fastest internet of all game events in the Benelux, 10 Gb uplink now on The Reality!

The past few years we have been struggling to get a fast and stable internet connection during The Reality. Due to the limitations of the location and surrounding infrastructure we weren't able to just connect a new line and get it working. Just to illustrate: last year we had a few of our volunteers climb up the roof and 
have them place a radio tower 11 kilometers away just to be able to have an adequate line for an event with 1300 gamers eager to play.

This year we decided we needed to upgrade. And if there is no line available, you have to create a new one. 
So we did! The Reality invested in a brand new internet line, connecting us to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange with 
a super fast 10 Gb internet line. You're reading it right, 10 GIGABIT! No more lag, no more trouble, download whatever you want and watch as many Twitch streams as you like! At the event itself we will also work with the latest hardware to facilitate the best connection for everyone.

One of the main reasons why we had to upgrade the connection is that today's games rely mostly on connections with a server outside the event. In previous editions we hosted a lot of servers, such as the Battlefield and Call of Duty servers, at the event itself. Nowadays there are almost no dedicated servers available and every game, matchmaking on consoles, every stream and every message sent has to get out to the internet. Our new connection makes that all possible!

Also good news for all the streamers, Youtubers and ofcourse people who just want to sit back and watch a movie on Netflix. The 10Gb line is more than capable to do all those things at the same time and still be stable. That's because it's a dedicated line: no more sharing with other parties, so much more reliable internet at The Reality!


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