The Reality 2024

On June 21st, 22nd and 23rd there will be another "The Reality". A LAN party, Expo and E-sport meeting. It willl be held at Martiniplaza in Groningen.

If you are completely unfamiliar with the LAN party phenomenon. Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are computer games and activities related to games day and night. For 48 hours Martiniplaza becomes THE place to be for gaming and gaming related entertainment.

You bring your own computer (Bring your own computer = B.Y.O.C.) and we provide a super fast network, tables and chairs. We organize various game tournaments. The list is not complete but we expect:

  • League of Legends 5v5
  • League of legends 1v1
  • League of Legends ARAM 5v5
  • League of Legends TFT
  • Valorant 5v5
  • Rocket League 3v3
  • Counter-Strike 2 5v5
  • Counter-Strike 2 1v1
  • Fortnite

And with that ofcourse the laid back competitions as well:

  • Shoals competition
  • Hexathlon
  • Poker
  • Blobby Volley

Are we missing a game? Send a mail to and we will look into the possibilities!

In addition to the tournaments, there are places to get food, there is a bar and there are various other fun activities to do around the event.

If you like more luxury, there are VIP spots for more space. We also have luxury gaming chairs for rent and Unlimited coffee if you purchase the Realty coffee mug.

There is a parking garage that belongs to Martini Plaza and we have hundreds of parking spaces available.

Buy a ticket and CU @ LAN.


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