The Program of The Reality Online II

Roughly the planning is as following:

On Friday the stream will start between 17:00 and 18:00! At 20:00 the grand opening will take place and around 21:00 we will be streaming a board game. At 23:00, WebbieXL will start an awesome show and will continue with until somewhere into the night. 

Saturday morning you can hear and see the early birds at around 9:00. At 9:30 the first creators will start entertaining you with their gameplay. At 11:00 there will be an activity with all creators! Around 12:00 the lunch program will take place where you can use your influence to manipulate the content of that hour. Afterwards creators will continue streaming with an interruption of live-Among Us! From 17:30 onwards, there will be a cooking show with a special guest!

Saturday evening will start with a dance competition! The last dance-off had such a great entertainment value, that we wanted to continue on that flow! Following that, there will be yet another challenging Pubquiz! We expect that around 21:30 we can have the content creators back at the computers for more gaming, and from 23:00 you can get involved in The Reality Talkshow. After this show, WebbieXL will, again, attempt to make your ears bleed with yet another great set!

Sunday morning, at 9:00 we will be live again and start off with playing some more games. At 14:30 we'll be doing our last planned activity and around 17:00 we'll wave our hands and say good bye! 


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