Got your tickets for The Reality XXI already?

September is quite some time away, but it's better to be on time! Do you already have tickets for The Reality XXI from 25 to 27 September at the Expo Assen? Get them quickly, there are still a few early bird tickets & VIP tickets available!

What can you expect during the event?

At The Reality you are assured of a super fun weekend full of gaming, tech and more! Participate in one of the tournaments, learn all about tech at Hackzone, check out the coolest gear and gadgets at one of the stands at the Expo or just relax with some friends: The Reality is the perfect weekend for a nice break for everyone!

What do you get for a participant (BYOC) ticket at The Reality?

The BYOC tickets, Bring Your Own Computer (or Console), offer you access to the LAN party and the Expo throughout the weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. You get a seat (with chair), where a power and network connection is available. You can participate in all competitions and activities that are organized during The Reality, from tournaments where you can take home cash or hardware prizes to fun (theme-related) activities.

Just the technical details, a BYOC ticket gives you access durign The Reality to:

  • A table (+/- 1 meter wide and 0.5 meter deep)
  • A chair (upholstered, not plastic)
  • A network connection (bring a UTP cable yourself)
  • A power connection (bring a connector block yourself)
  • The Expo of The Reality XXI
  • All tournaments and activities during The Reality XXI
  • Various catering options, including a 24/7 bar and various eateries

Don't feel like bringing your own things?

At The Reality you can go for all kinds of luxury upgrades. A luxury chair? Don't feel like bringing a PC or gaming monitor? No problem! The rental options will be announced later, sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with all the The Reality news!


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