Join one of the amazing (xx-mas) activities during The Reality!

As in previous years our team of organizers has not been sitting on its hands and has done their utmost best to organize a numourous amount of activities which go hand in hand with the theme! You can sign up for most activities on the Challonge page for that activity, but there are other activities for which you can prepare before the event starts!

The Reality christmas tree decoration
This year we will provide one or more christmas trees at the entrance that you, as participant, can decorate! You can create something at home, or create something during the event. Put your decoration in the tree, and we will select the best creation to win a prize! Make sure to put your nickname and seat-number on the decoration.

Best christmas outfit
Not sure wat to wear to The Reality yet? Then put on your best christmas outfit! We will select the best outfit to receive a prize. You can go to the Activities crew at the event, until saturday 15:00, to have a picture taken of your outfit. The three best outfits will be selected to join the final on the main stage on saturday night!

Decorate your seat
Don't want to decorate yourself, but your seat? You will be able to win a prize for the prettiest decorated seat! On friday and saturday the Activities crew will walk around the LAN area to select the best seat! Can't wait to show your creation? Just ask the crew to visit your seat and they'll check it out!

Timetable and signup info for (xx-mas) activities

You can find all planned activities in the following timetable. Want to join? Click on the name to go to the Challonge signup page!

22:30 Poker 16 participants
12:00 Duck Hunt (Retro area) 24 participants
10:00 Hexathlon 16 teams of 2
11:00 Beat the XXmas Box 16 teams of 2
15:00 Smash Ultimate (Retro area) 24 participants
15:00 Throw-a-Christmas-Tree 32 teams of 2
20:00 "Sjoelen" 32 participants
n.n.b. Kerstbal Parcour 16 teams of 2
23:00 Poker 16 participants
11:00 "Sjoelen" 32 participants
12:00 Pong (Retro area) 32 participants
12:00 Beat the XXmas Box 8 teams (2vs2) 8 teams of 2
14:00 Throw-a-Christmas-Tree 32 teams of 2
n.n.b. Kerstbal Parcour 16 teams of 2


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