Starcraft Thermycup 2: More than €1000 prize money!!

This year we are proud to announce that we will be hosting the Starcraft Thermycup 2! Join us for this awesome competition with great prizes!

In addition to the prize money that can be won by ending up in the top 6 of the competition, there are DSCL points to be earned to qualify for the DSCL at the end of the year!

Are you up for the challenge, are your skills up to par? Join us at The Reality for the Starcraft Thermycup 2 tournament!

The cash prizes will be:

1st place : € 300,-
2nd place :  € 200,-
3rd place :  € 170,-
4th place :  € 140,-
5th and 6th place :  € 100,-

The DSCL points that can be earned will be announced later!

See you in September! GAME ON


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