Speedseats Rental and a REALITY EDITION?!@#

Most people will know already, Speedseats is a well known Gaming Chair in the Benelux that offers rental chairs on gaming events!
They offer you the chance to experience our event in ultimate comfort. Speedseats rents out some very comfortable gamer chairs.

Would you like to rent a chair *?
This can be done by clicking HERE and reserve your chair on their website.
The rental rates of these chair are as follows:
SpeedSeats Sport: €30,-
SpeedSeats Comfort: €40,-

You can pick up your chair at the start of the event at the Speedsseats trailer located in the hall.
You will then have to pay a 50 euro deposit + the rental fee for the chair in cash (If you didn't already pay this in their webshop).
Sunday from 12:00 you can drop off your chair again and then you get your deposit back if your seat is returned in good condition!

If you really enjoyed your experience and would like to buy your chair, Speedseats offers you the possibility to buy your chair at a very interesting rate by deducting the rental fee from the sales price.
Do not hesitate too long, because the stock is limited!

*This offer is only available if there are sufficient registrations at SPEEDSEATS.BE

But wait.... the titel says, REALITY EDITION?!@#
YES Correct! We are happy to announce that we are partnering with Speedseats to create some limited edition The Reality chairs!
As you can see in the header you already see a sneak peak of the The Reality Edition chair that will be on sale very soon.
More information about this we will share as soon as possible!

Let us know in the comments if you are interested in one :)


  • Gobble

    September 14 @ 17:07

    Ik heb alvast een stoel gereserveerd en ben zeer waarschijnlijk geïnteresseerd om deze over te kopen op het einde van The reality!!!

  • IskanderNovena

    July 30 @ 10:31

    What's the difference between the Sport and Comfort seats? What is the price of the chairs if you were to buy them? Could be useful to determine which you'd want to rent with an outlook on buying it afterwards.

  • Rakkachi

    June 28 @ 09:30

    Bovenkant ziet er al goed uit met dat logo erop, ben benieuwd naar de rest :-)

  • Mikkass

    June 26 @ 12:53

    I'd love to have such seat!!!1

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