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Tournament Information

Today we are happy to announce our tournaments!
The Reality tournaments will like always consist of 3 groups.

  • Main Tournament,
    Cash Prizes and possibly hardware involved.
  • Official Tournament,
    Hardware Prizes.
  • Fun / User Tournament,
    No specific prizes, can be hosted by a participant.

This year we will host the following tournaments:

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5)
  • League of Legends (5v5)
  • Hearthstone (1v1)

  • League of Legends (1v1)
  • Overwatch (6v6)
  • Rocket League (3v3)
  • FIFA 17 (1v1)

  • Unreal Tournament 4 (1v1)
  • Call of Duty 4 (5v5)
  • Blobby Volly 2.0 (1v1)

Registration of the above tournaments will open next month.


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