Last year you have already seen the massive banner of ALTERNATE at The Reality. This year they take it to the next step! Giving you the opportunity to be tread like a VIP on your exclusive ALTERNATE VIP Deck!

Tickets for the ALTERNATE VIP Seats are availible here.

But wait! There is more, ALTERNATE will be giving away 10 VIP Tickets on their social media channel! More info on this we will communicate later.

What is the ALTERNATE VIP Deck?
Want more space and a more luxurious place? Then choose a VIP ticket. You get your own spot on the VIP deck with more luxury. Comfortable seat, spacious table, The Reality coffee mug for unlimited coffee or tea, power and network will be arranged for you! The VIP deck is only accessible to VIPs. Your own mini LAN with 79 others in your own private space during The Reality! What would you want more!


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