Experience The Reality XX: 20-22 September 2019

The 20th of September The Reality XX will begin. The Expo in Assen will be filled with loads of gamers for a full weekend of gaming, meeting new people or reconnecting with friends and playing competitions. There are still weekend tickets available, or if you want to visit the LAN just for one day, you can buy a day ticket. Unfortunately the VIP tickets are sold out. All other tickets can be found in our webshop. 

During The Reality there will be an Expo where you can find all kinds of stuff about gaming. Play the newest games, battle in competitions, experience Virtual Reality or play with real soldiers from ‘Defensie’. The Expo at The Reality is an experience you don’t want to miss!

The ‘Defensie’ booth

This year Defensie will be joining us at The Reality XX. You can play popular games with or against soldiers and test your skills. You can find their booth in the Expo area at The Reality. Do you need more information? Take a look at the website: http://bit.ly/trxx_defensie

Experience Virtual Reality

In this day and age, Virtual Reality is here to stay. One cannot imagine a world without it. VR-loods invites you to experience Virtual Reality with your own eyes, at The Reality this year! You can also find Mech Punk on the expo with their VR Robot Game! Put on the Virtual Reality goggles and step into the cockpit of a real robot!

Join the Pokemon Go! Competition

This will be the first year that Pokemon Go will join us at The Reality. The entire weekend you will be able to join in battles at PVP tournaments in three different classes. The tournaments will be held on Saturday and Sunday. To join one of these tournaments you can subscribe at NWTV’s booth over at our Expo. The winners will receive a €50,- cash prize, so visit the booth and join the battle!

Race in real racing simulators

Do you want to experience what it’s like to be a real race-driver? Get in one of the eight race simulators by SimXperts and experience what it is like driving a real race car, or compete in the Project Cars 2 tournament and try to win awesome prizes! You can find them at the Expo during The Reality!


During The Reality there will be a lot of big competitions held on stage. You can pick a spot in the crowd and support your favorite players by cheering them on.

Take a look inside the MasterRide!

This year Cooler Master will join us at The Reality with the Master Ride. This massive truck is equipped with 12 gaming-setups. So come inside and show off your gaming skills.

Competititions at the Console area

The console area will be organized by Gimma. You can play the coolest games on Nintendo and Xbox. As a visitor you can join the Fortnite and FIFA competitions to win nice prizes!

Meet famous Twitch streamers!

During The Reality XX there will be two streaming areas: the Trust Streaming Area and the 2K Streaming Area. You will be able to meet some famous Twitch streamers like Mr4Damage, MSSH, Kratt, Mathia, Qyndra, kcNL and many more at The Reality this year. Want to learn how to stream? Visit one of the streaming areas and watch how they do it.

Do you like old school games?

Take a look at the relax area and play some retro games. KwaadGenie will build an area with all kinds of retro gaming consoles. Go back to your childhood and play Atari, Tokyo Sportsman, NES and many more. Or, play the coolest games on the newest consoles like Xbox, PlayStation or WiiU.

On Saturday you will be able to meet MiesLWD, a pro Speedrunner! He'll show his skills on Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill at the retro area!

Want to learn more about technology?

HackZone will be at the Expo of The Reality again this year! HackZone is a group of volunteers who have ‘zeros and ones’ flowing through their veins. Do you want to learn about technology such as robots, arduinos, wifi-chips or 3D-printers? HackZone is your place to be! 

Pick up some gear and merch!

Want to go home with new gear for your setup? Or maybe you’d like the newest gaming merch? Computer-Bestel.nl and Bitropolis will be at The Reality XX to provide you with these. At Computer-Bestel.nl you can buy new GPU’s, peripheral’s and other PC hardware. Bitropolis has a wide range of Cosplay gear and gaming merch. Come have a look to find out if there’s anything you’d like to add to your collection!

Relax with a snack and drink on the hospitality square

Want to relax after all the experiences at the expo? Grab a bite to eat at one of the food stands, enjoy a fresh smoothie or have a drink with your friends at the bar.

Need more info or got a question?

We have tried to answer a lot of questions in our FAQ. Still have a question? You can easily ask it using our support page!