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Wij zijn een groep Plebs. Wij houden van memes, hentai en gamen I guess. Roster: LildickDaddy: Bald, bulky and badass, this man is the warden that keeps the kids at Bay. He loves cringy, sucky memes, anime and shitty games. Scrublord: Tales tell of his glory in LoL, but I haven't seen the man in 10 years since he got a gf, now that he is no longer a virgin, we have to respect him as an adult though. Hackermannn: it's ya boy the shipper. He sails over the seven seas to find memes and spread the word of scrubs, sucks at games except aoe(but I'm better, nub)( not sure if virgin, or if he fuqd a prostitute). Now that he has come back to us on land, he is heavily disappointed in the scrubs for their lack of memes and games. Kingcringezwerver: drunken dicklord, hasn't been sighted in years after a series of drunken incidents. This reality is our last hope to reunite the brothers so they can band together and feed once again. xxx