The Reality - Coronavirus update

Dear visitors, supporters and friends of The Reality,

Like everyone else, we have been following the situation surrounding the Corona virus with great tension in recent weeks. Can we continue or not? Must do it in a different way. As the organizers of The Reality, we continuously look at possible scenarios based on the current situation and measures.

In any case, we do not want to close the door until there is no other option. We are therefore still busy planning and organizing the next edition of The Reality. If there is more clarity about the upcoming edition, for example through new announcements from the government, we will share it as soon as possible. We want to be as clear and transparent as possible to everyone.

Stay healthy and keep going, and hopefully until September!

The organization of The Reality


  • Sigmund2eplek

    June 7 @ 14:10

    Jullie gaan in het voorjaar 2021? De party is misschien december dit jaar. Rare tijden. Veel sterkte - reality forever.

  • Rakkachi

    May 7 @ 12:42

    I hope it can continue, i missed it last year already. I cant go cold turkey like this ! :p

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