New: Console Seats with a Samsung monitor included!

This year we have a brand new concept at The Reality: Console Seats! And to celebrate this, we have a great offer together with our partner Samsung! Come to The Reality, get a Console Seat and you'll be able to use a Samsung gaming monitor at your spot! So no hustle or fights at home for bringing your own TV, we'll make sure there is a network socket, a single power socket and an awesome gaming monitor ready for you! You only have to bring your own console, power strip, UTP and HDMI cable. 

Just one simple rule: you are not allowed to install a PC or laptop at the Console Seat, you are only allowed to place one or more gaming consoles. 

With a Console Seat ticket you can select a seat at the "Black" area on the floorplan. The monitor can be picked up at the Samsung desk at the event.

You can find the ticket and all information here:


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