Rent a camp bed during The Reality

This year you will be able to rent a camp bed again during The Reality! No more hassle with dripping airbeds, broken pumps or dragging everything to the event! Some things have changed since last year, so please read the information about renting a bed carefully.

How does it work?
You can find the camp bed in the store, and add it to your cart. Bring the ticket for the camp bed with you to the event, and you can pick up the bed at the entrance. Renting a camp bed costs €12,50. There is a €10 deposit included in the prize, which you will receive back when you return the bed at the end of the event (at the cash register). You'll need to set up the bed in the sleeping area, but that's the easy part! You can find an instruction video here:

Why is there no floorplan anymore?
Last year we provided camp beds for the first time, and decided to use a floorplan. We found out that this is not the most practical way for renting camp beds, as you probably want to have a sleeping area together with your friends. Now you can choose your own spot, and set up your bed where you want!

I want to rent beds for my entire team, is that possible?
Yes, that is possible. You can rent as many beds as you want, just add them to your cart and bring the tickets with you to the event. Please do remember that a deposit is included in the price for each bed. Renting more than 10 beds? Send a support ticket and we'll give you a discount!

What's the size of the camp bed?
The camp beds are 192x65cm and can carry a maximum of 110 kg.

What should I bring myself?
Bring your own sleepingbag and pillow and you'll have a good night's rest!

Do I have to rent a bed?
No, there is still a regular sleeping area where you can setup your own (air)bed. Its just an easy and comfortable upgrade!


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