Rent a Speedseats gaming chair during The Reality XX

One of the most important things during a 3-day gaming event is having a nice and comfortable place to sit and relax. And there is no better way to get that than by sitting on a Speedseats gaming chair!

You can rent a Speedseats chair in their store, there are four different types available:

Speedseats Sport - € 30,00   
Speedseats Comfort - € 40,00   
Speedseats Comfort XL - € 45,00 (extra spacious)
Speedseats Relax - € 45,00 (deluxe edition)

In case, at some point during The Reality, you realise “I love this chair!” and you reckon it would look so good at your own setup at home, no problem! Just go over to Speedseats, pay the remaining amount of the price and you are the proud new owner of this awesome gaming chair!

All information about buying and renting Speedseats chairs can be found at their website:


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