Final information

Only a few hours and you've finished your sentence. We hope that you have been able to serve the sentence without a struggle. On the last day of your imprisonment, there are still a few activities planned. The activities and competitions will be coming to an end today. Several finals will be played today. For example, the final of CounterStrike: Global Offensive will be played on stage. If you prefer to follow the match from your cell, you can do so via the Twitch stream from Gamershub. If all finals have been played, the prize-giving ceremony will take place around 16:00 this afternoon.

We understand that your prison sentence may not always have been very comfortable, but you have gained a new experience. You have to save these kinds of experiences, which is why we have arranged a large photowall. So take a photo with your cellmates and let your friends and family know at home that this prison is the best in the Netherlands.


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