The Reality Prison Break

Welcome to the prison called The Reality. This weekend you will serve your sentence in this prison. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly as possible in this time frame, you will receive some information. It is essential that you read this carefully and also take this into account during your detention.

Most of you have already met the guards of Prison Escape, both in the good and the bad way. It is necessary for your safety that you treat the guards with respect during your custody. The guards are  from an external organization and the prison is not responsible for their actions. For your own safety, it is important to take this into account during your time in this prison.

In order to ensure that you have something to do during your detention, the prison has organized certain activities and competitions. Through this link you can still register for an activity or competition of your choice. During the weekend, certain activities and competitions will also be shown on stage. For the people who have a break or do not participate, you can encourage your cellmates on stage. Through our partners at Gamershub, certain competitions will also be streamed. So if you are not entitled to get visitors but you want to let your family know that you are doing fine in prison, then you are authorized to send the links below to your family and friends.

As in any prison, you also have time to go outside a few times a day. If you don’t need this, you can take a look at the exhibition stands. It is possible to have a conversation with the police's cybercrime department or you can spend your hard earned money at Computer Bestel. If you want to escape from reality, which is quite normal during your detention, you can also enter the virtual world at CoolerMaster and Computer Bestel.

At the Hackzone you can come into contact with, as the name says, the world of hacking. Hackzone does not only have to deal with its digital variant. The technical aspect can also be learned. For example, you can learn how to solder.

If it sometimes gets too much or you want to go back to the time when you were still walking around freely. Next to the stage we have built a relax area where you can quietly take a seat on a luxury, for a prison, chair or couch. In the relax area we have several old, for new console we didn’t had the money, consoles where you can play the games from the past.

We understand very well that you would rather be at liberty this weekend, but we hope that we allow your detention to run as smoothly as possible. When you show good behavior there is a possibility that you can leave around 17:00 on Sunday. If you have questions while you are in custody, do not hesitate and contact tech support via the channels we have made available.


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