Hereby we send you the concluding information regarding your detainment. You have not complied with the current social codes of conduct and have therewith committed a serious crime. You are therefore irrevocably sentenced to a maximum of 50 hours in confinement. You will serve this punishment at the Expo in Assen, better known as 'The Reality'.

Your stay in this prison shall be under the direct control of Warden H. Keizer. Warden Keizer, better known as the man who survived the attack on his life in the prison of Rotterdam, is back! Together with his dreaded guards, he is known as the cruel, merciless leader of the Boschpoort, the huge Koepelgevangenis in Breda! Escape is not an option!

Your imprisonment will take effect on Friday, September 21st at 15:00 hours. You must report to correctional centre 'The Reality' in Assen, where the merciless regime of Warden Keizer is the only truth you will know! This institution houses the worst category of prisoners, sentenced to a life in confinement for the most dreadful offenses. We ask you, for your own safety, to adhere to the set rules. Final instructions will be given to you in custody, follow up on these instructions at all times....!

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