New! Rent a Samsung monitor during The Reality!

Packing your gear for a LAN party is always a tedious job. Transporting your monitor(s) safe, in the seatbelts not to damage it, packing it with pillows and doing exactly the same on the return journey. But you don't longer need to!

In cooperation with our partner Samsung, who provided the info-screens and monitors to run the event, you can now rent a gaming monitor during The Reality !!

24" Game Monitor - € 40,- voor het weekend

  • The industry's first curved monitor with a super-fast 1ms response time
  • Flawlessly smooth gameplay with 144hz refresh rate
  • More realistic colors with Quantum dot technology and sRGB 125%
  • Darker blacks and best-in-class 3000:1 contrast ratio

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​32" Flatscreen Game Monitor - € 49,- voor het weekend

  • Stunningly realistic UHD resolution (3840*2160)
  • Refresh Rate 60 Hz
  • Richer, more vivid colors with quantum dot technology in 1 billion colors
  • Powerful multi-tasking feature (PBP and PIP)

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32 "Curved Game Monitor - € 55, - for the weekend

The World's First HDR QLED Gaming Monitor, CHG70
32” CHG70 gaming monitor for the most realistic gaming experience.

CHG70 QLED monitor delivers purer, brighter, and more lifelike colors — especially reds and greens — than conventional monitors. And Samsung’s new Metal QD technology ensures longer lasting, more natural colors, whether you’re gaming or working in applications where color accuracy is critical. Refresh Rate 144Hz

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