New! Rent a camp bed at The Reality XIX!

Attention! Last chance to rent a camp bed! On thursday 13-9 at 21:00 the rental will close. We will order the rented amount of beds and it is not possible to rent one after this time!

At The Reality we do our utmost every year to make your stay as comfortable and carefree as possible. That's why we have something new this year: Rent a camp bed that already stands when you arrive! No hassle with dripping airbeds, broken pumps and dragging everything to the event!

How does it work?
For the camp beds we have made an extra floor plan, which you can find here. It works exactly like buying the ticket: select the bed you want, click on "buy" and checkout in the store!

I want to rent beds for my entire team, is that possible?
Just like with the tickets, it is possible to select and pay for several places on the floor plan and then assign them to others via your account. Easy? Yes!

What's the size and price of a bed?
The camp beds are 192x65cm and can carry a maximum of 110 kg. A camp bed during the entire LAN only costs 12,50 Euro, we take care of everything, the only thing you need to do is sleep on it!

What should I bring myself?
Bring your own sleepingbag and pillow and you'll have a good night's rest!

Do I have to rent a bed?
No, there is still a regular sleeping area where you can setup your own (air)bed. Its just an easy and comfortable upgrade!


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