More competition announced! LoL 1v1 (official), Rocket League 3v3 (official) and PUBG 2v2 (fun)

Every year our compo admins have the tough job to decide which competitions we will or won't host during the upcoming event. Which games are hot right now, which are a must on every LAN-party and the most important question: what do you our visitors, want? We try to give you the best experience and we can announce three more competitions that will be hosted during The Reality XIX this year, including two Official compo's, meaning (hardware) prizes for the winners!

League of Legends 1v1 (Official*)

This year we have decided to host the 1v1 gamemode for League of Legends as Official compo! That means: awesome hardware prizes for the winners! Show everyone that you can't be beated in League of Legends and take on the other participants of The Reality!

Rocket League 3v3 (Official*)

Rocket League is the upcoming edition of The Reality an Official Compo! Enter the Rocket League Arena with two teammates and show everyone who's best! And ofcourse an Official Compo means hardware prizes for the winners!


PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will be at The Reality XIX! Being one of the more popular games at this time we decided it can't miss on the compo-list. Being a Fun competition it means that we will make sure the compo is hosted and you can participate in it during the event, but there are no prizes available (yet). Ofcourse, this may change in the period leading up to the event!

* During Main and Official competitions, prizes will be available if at least a minimum of 16 teams participate in that competition. Other (game)rules and conditions will be announced later.


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