VIP floorplan available today!

It’s time! The floor plan for the VIP-area will be in effect starting this afternoon. The floor plan will be automatically activated on our website around 3PM (CEST; 15.00 hours) and you will be able to pick your own spot in the VIP-area!

You’ll be able to choose your seating spot directly from the floor plan, for all tickets within your account, including tickets bought for others. Enabling you to select the seats for your entire squad all at once!

How does it work? 
Open the floor plan on the website and click on an empty seat. Select the ticket you want to appoint to this seat and click [“Select”].

Haven’t bought tickets yet?
Click the spot you’d like to reserve and click [“Buy”], your ticket will automatically be added to your shopping basket, after you’ve paid your reserved seat will directly be appointed to you.

Note: the entrance of the VIP-area may be subject to change on account of the set up of the event-hall. Do not choose your seat based on the location of the entrance. 

Having trouble?
Send us a support ticket and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible!


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