Speedseats will be joining The Reality XIX!

You want to be sure of your comfort at the most awesome LAN-party of the Benelux. You want a table  with enough space and a chair that you can sit in comfortably. And let’s be honest, there are no gaming-chairs better than those of Speedseats!

Like every year, Speedseats will be there at The Reality. Make your Reality-experience even better and rent a comfortable, adjustable chair with an extra pillow in your neck and an adjustable lumbar-support pillow during the LAN.

The following chairs are available for rent during The Reality:
- Speedseats Sport - € 30,00   
- Speedseats Comfort - € 40,00   
- Speedseats Comfort XL - € 45,00 (extra spacious)
- Speedseats Relax - € 45,00 (deluxe edition)

When you rent a chair, a € 10,- deposit is charged. You can reclaim your deposit once you return your chair in good condition after the event.

In case, at some point during The Reality, you realise “I love this chair!” and you reckon it would look so good at your own battle station at home, no problem! Just go over to Speedseats, pay the remaining amount of the price and you are the proud new owner of this awesome gaming chair!

Secure your very own Speedseats chair for the event via this url. 
Don’t wait too long, there is a limited amount of chairs available!


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