Everything about The Reality XVIII

Come to the 18th edition of The Reality in the TT hall in Assen. The Reality is the biggest gaming event of the Benelux with the combination of LAN, eSports and expo. What does this mean? You can experience, buy and do all kind of things!

What can you expect?
Dive literally between the computer components in a huge diving tank. Compete in a various of competitions and experience how it feels to breathe underwater during a diving introduction! Are you not like a fish in the water? Become a real driver in a real race simulator and play the latest game Project Cars 2 (release date: 22 September 2017)! Do you rather practice your shooting skills? Take a shot in the paintball van of Fundustry Events.

Do you love consoles?
Go to battle with your friends on the Xbox One with Trackmania, For Honor or one of the other games, you can also go and play on the Nintendo Switch. Or are you more of the old school games, then you can go to the retro consoles area.

Do you want more?
Step into a totally different world and surrender to virtual reality in one of the VR machines. Or rather, just behind a PC, you go to the booth of Ubisoft and play Rainbow Six.

Looking for the latest gear?
Check out the latest game gear at the booth of or go to the Cooler Master booth and check out the latest products.

Get a snack at our food square, rather a sandwich that’s possible too or even a pizza!
Check our food square and choose a meal of your own choice.

Participate in one of our tournaments as a participant?
Several tournaments will be organized:
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
League of Legends
Rocket League
Unreal Tournament
Call of Duty 4
Blobby Volley

There is a lot to see, buy and experience! Come to The Reality XVIII and experience it yourself!
Get your tickets now in our store or at the door.


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