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Situation concerning TT Hall

Yesterday there were some media reports released today concerning the TT Hall. The Reality was confronted with a message about a possible evacuation of the TT Hall. The exploitation of the property would have a debt with the lease of the property towards the owner of the TT Hall. In result to this the owner wants to vacate the property. For The Reality this is of course an unpleasant news report and the organization of The Reality will follow any development concerning the situation closely.


What does this mean for The Reality XVIII
For now, this has no direct impact on the event. Today the court will address the case and some members of the organization of The Reality will attend the hearing to get a closer look at the situation. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that the court doesn’t make decision today. In that case it’s possible that we must wait two weeks before hearing the decision of the judge.

In the announcement from the TT Hall towards The Reality they said that we will not suffer any consequence concerning the situation. With that being said the organization of The Reality will monitor the situation closely in the coming days and will discuss all possible options.


When there is more news concerning the situation, we will publish this on the website. But let it be known that at this moment this does not affect the forthcoming edition of The Reality.


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