The Reality XVIII will be held in EXPO Assen (Former TT Hall), EXPO Assen has a surface area of ​​15000 m2 which is plenty of room for the LAN party and game expo.

Address Data:
EXPO Assen
De Haar 11
9405 TE Assen

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Around EXPO Assen there are several hotels for a relatively good price, as in most cases a full breakfast is included. Hotels in the region:
De Bonte Wever
Van der Valk

Sleeping Hall  
There is a shaded sleeping hall   present. Due to the climate installation, the temperature in this area will also be pleasant.

During the Reality there will be an affordable and a big variety of catering offers.

Sanitary & Showers
There are sanitary facilities including showers.

There are more than 6500 parking spaces available that can be parked free of charge for participants during the event.

Carvan / Camper Places
At The Reality there are caravan and camper spots available. as The Reality participant you can buy a ticket for a place in the camping at our store . Power is included. Campers and / or caravans are not allowed in the car park.